Net Neutrality

Some Internet Service Providers (ISPs) want companies pay more in order to improve the speed and quality users experience on particular websites. While at first it may not sound harmful, in the long run this could drastically increase costs for anyone selling or advertising online. It could also decrease the amazing potential the Internet presents for new products and companies. When ISPs allow one company to prioritize traffic to their website, they implicitly slow traffic to every other website. Additionally, this prioritization creates inefficiencies in the movement of information across the Internet. Overall, consumers will get a lower quality experience and companies will be forced to pay high prices for reasonable service. ISPs claim they would only do this to manage the increasing traffic on the Internet, but they could easily solve that problem by increasing capacity. We are working to create incentives for ISPs to keep the Internet free of interference and to allow the Internet to develop as a marketplace for ideas and goods.

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