Latimer_Andy Andy Latimer

CEO & Founder
Bluewater Media and Zahalo

Andy Latimer is the CEO and founder of Bluewater Media and Zahalo. The converged agency he founded is rooted in response-driven creative and guided by media results analytics and optimization. Latimer and the Bluewater team have develop industry leading solutions that integrate DR strategies with online content and product distribution strategies to deliver real measurable results and profits in the integrated world. Latimer is an accomplished producer, writer and director working with brands including Philips, Sodastream, KitchenAid, Magic Jack, Thundershirt, Telikin and with industry leaders in product marketing, including Telebrands, Emson, Allstar and Ontel. He has led the company from a dining room startup an industry leader and innovator with a 33,000-square-foot studio. Bluewater provides creative and media strategy services for clients in insurance, lead generation, health care and for some of the largest online travel websites in the world. Bluewater’s digital arm, Zahalo, provides direct-to-consumer marketing online and paid media management as well as marketplace strategy and management for a wide variety brands and products.

Andy Latimer is speaking during the “Bang the Drum: the New Paradigm of Tribal Marketing in a Digital-Dominant World” session on Tuesday, February 27, 4:15 p.m. – 5:15 p.m., in the Mona Lisa Room.

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