(2014) Havas Edge & i.Predictus: Hyper-Focused on Accelerating Success Over the Next 90 Days

i.Predictus today announced the beginning of an exciting new trial relationship with Havas Edge (Edge), the largest vertically integrated full-service direct response agency in the world and part of the Havas Worldwide Network. Edge and i.Predictus will be hyper-focused on several specific goals over the next 90 days.

Working with the i.Predictus analytics platform over the next 3 months, Havas Edge will receive additional insight and decisioning recommendations on their long-form media assets prior to that media airing. The predictive nature of the i.Predictus platform will add to the powerful suite of multi-media tools used by Havas Edge to drive the next level of efficiency and deliver added value to its clients. Together with Havas Edge’s internal media management platform, VantEdge Point, i.Predictus will provide client-specific prescriptive media buying recommendations. Havas Edge will begin the integration of the i.Predictus platform with several existing clients over the next 90 days in order to identify, measure and quantify the improvement the i.Predictus platform has on those clients’ campaigns.

“As an established and forward-thinking innovator in the direct response television advertising space, Havas Edge is constantly seeking out new tools to improve media performance and increase ROI for our clients,” said Havas Edge CEO Steve Netzley. “As we test the capabilities and impact of integrating i.Predictus with VantEdge Point, we fully expect to see an improvement in both the accuracy of our media decisions and an improvement in our reaction time within our long-form media buying group.”

“Efficiency and accelerated success through accurate data visibility is what we do at i.Predictus and we love bringing that success to our clients and their businesses in 30 days, 90 days and, more importantly, on a consistent and continuous basis,” said i.Predictus CEO, Monica C. Smith. “i.Predictus is thrilled to move forward with Havas Edge and help achieve their specific goals over the next 90 days and beyond. The results we generate together will be more than a proud moment for i.Predictus; they will be another clear validation of our platform’s ability to minimize revenue leakage through the power of accurate, consolidated and contextual data as the new currency of today and tomorrow.”

About i.Predictus

i.Predictus is transforming the TV media buying industry, bringing a new perspective to the world of attribution, marketing automation and customer data warehouse capabilities. Using its patent-pending algorithm, i.Predictus recommends where your next media dollars should be spent – the specific television airings to be purchased or not purchased – to continuously improve media ROI. i.Predictus’ future media buying recommendations outperform current and historical media schedules with a high degree of accuracy and consistency.

i.Predictus knows that marketing and IT are no longer mutually exclusive. Today’s increasingly dynamic market conditions pressure CMOs to develop integrated marketing strategies with increased tech collaboration. In this new environment, if you want to improve campaign response and conversion, increase acquisition or just understand which channels are contributing revenue to the bottom line, then you need to be talking to i.Predictus.

About Havas Edge

Havas Edge is the largest vertically integrated full-service direct response agency in the world. With expertise across all digital, broadcast and media domains, Edge succeeds by helping to build their clients businesses, and brands, in that order. Edge is a leader in leveraging predictive analytics and proprietary data analysis to help clients succeed in generating direct response revenues in a multi-channel world. Edge’s recent client roster includes Beachbody, Barclays, Bosley, Cancer Treatment Centers of America, Citibank, DraftKings, Hair Club, Lexmark, Lifelock, Murad, Select Comfort, The Hartford, Visa, VistaPrint and more.

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