(2014) Mojo Teams With Constant Contact and Mail Chimp for Application Integration Into The Mojo eCommerce Platform

Mojo Puts The Power Of Real Time email Remarketing Capabilities In The Hands Of Mojo eCommerce Clients

BOSTON (November 11, 2014) Mojo has finalized integration of two of the top email marketing companies’ services – Constant Contact and Mail Chimp – within its eCommerce platform to provide their acclaimed email remarketing capabilities to Mojo eCommerce clients. 

At the click of drop down menu button, Mojo direct marketers have the option to select Constant Contact or Mail Chimp to instantly incorporate their email prowess into their Mojo platform eCommerce operations.  

By tapping into the real-time email marketing power of Constant Contact or Mail Chimp, Mojo eCommerce clients can instantly notify consumers of incentive offers  should they abandon the order.  Or, Mojo platform eCommerce clients can elect to employ Constant Contact or Mail Chimp to remarket to converted users by emailing different products or offers. Constant Contact or Mail Chimp can also empower Mojo eCommerce marketers to test different remarketing strategies and examine returning analytics to determine best strategies.

“We are excited to offer Mojo eCommece platform clients access to two of the most prominent names in email marketing, Constant Contact and Mail Chimp.  When consumers abandon the cart or order process, the email services enable marketers to not abandon these consumers.  When consumers convert, these two email allies allow our marketers to turn them into regular customers.  Mojo is always seeking ways in which our clients can strengthen their eCommerce businesses.  We know that electing to use either of these outstanding email services will help to enhance our clients’ bottom line,” said Gregory Silvano, CEO of Mojo.

Built from the ground-up to serve as the ultimate eCommerce solution for direct marketers in all product and services categories, Mojo sets up multiple concurrent stylish websites in minutes, allows for comparative A/B price-testing and other comparative campaign elements across several markets in real time and offers instant collaborations with top fulfillment and telemarketing companies. Recently, Mojo became the first and only eCommerce platform provider to eliminate all transaction fees for clients within the company’s eCommerce platform.  As a result of this bold move, direct marketers can save thousands of dollars. Where typical industry practice has almost always been a web-vendor fee from anywhere between $1-3 charged per order, Mojo takes transaction fees out of the equation.  

About Mojo Research and Development:

Based in Boston, Mojo Research and Development is a solution-driven software development company whose staff of senior developers, graphic designers, and market researchers are responsible for the design of custom software for many of the country’s largest corporations and businesses.  Mojo represents the company’s successful expansion into direct response marketing, providing direct response marketers with a turnkey platform for all their website marketing needs along with comprehensive analytics designed to maximize the success of DRTV/web campaigns.

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