(2014) Moulton Logistics Management Announces Opening of New Jersey Facility

Order fulfillment house and third-party logistics company, Moulton Logistics Management, has announced the opening of a new warehouse & distribution facility in Dayton, New Jersey. The new facility will be operating at full capacity: processing Direct-to-Consumer, e-commerce, and retail shipments, as of November, 2014. The new location allows for improved transit times as well as lower shipping costs on orders to consumers in the North/Northeastern regions of the country. The new Moulton facility is conveniently located approximately a half hour from both the Newark Liberty International Airport & Port Elizabeth Marine Terminal, and is only one hour from New York City. Port Elizabeth, the largest port on the East Coast, will provide additional benefits to Moulton clients such as faster/less expensive inbound freight on shipments from Asia and Europe to the East Coast.  

For more information regarding the new location please contact Moulton Logistics Management at (800) 808-3304.

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