(2015) Daniela Todorovic Forms Bespoke Marketing - Taking Specialized Boutique Approach to Global Live Shopping

Daniela TodorovicTORONTO – Having served as President of International Sales at Thane Direct, Daniela Todorovic is taking a new step in the DRTV world.

With a 22-year long career focused on globally distributing and being involved in the development of an array of hit products, Todorovic has formed Bespoke Marketing with the intent of concentrating on the live shopping arena.  The Bespoke team, made up of direct marketing, PR and investor relations experts, will work with product developers and inventors who will benefit from Bespoke’s access to an established global distribution and manufacturing network.   Besides distributing licensed products, Bespoke and Todorovic will continue working closely with Thane Direct, acting as the exclusive representatives of Thane’s wide assortment of products to the growing number of live shopping platforms worldwide.

Having joined Thane in 1998, Todorovic was key to the company’s expansion, taking an active role in the foundation of Thane’s international offices and distribution and development of numerous global hits such as -  Slim ‘n Lift functional fashion wear, a variety of fitness lines, FlavorStone cookware, as well as the H2O steam cleaners, all reached  billions of dollars in multi-channel and retail sales.  Working closely with QVC, HSN, HSE24, TVSN and other industry leaders throughout China, Japan, France, Germany, the UK, US and Mexico, Todorovic lead Thane’s live shopping sales strategy and sees the creation of Bespoke Marketing as a natural progression.

“Our industry is changing and we must grow, learn and adapt to new technologies, consumer behaviors and sales platforms. Having closely listened to both our audience and my industry colleagues, I strongly believe in the growth of live shopping and am eager to share products I am genuinely passionate about with millions of consumers.  I have tremendously enjoyed being part of Thane’s growth and am excited to be able to continue working with colleagues and friends there.”

“Daniela brings an incredible amount of passion for product and a vision to every project she is involved in.  Working with her over the years has been inspirational and a true learning experience”, noted Sullivan Productions Producer and Infomercial Host, Anthony Sullivan.

“I have worked with Daniela for 22 years and witnessed firsthand her passion, wit, intelligence, drive and hard work. We are excited for her to take this next step, wishing her the best of luck in the new venture and look forward to continuing to work with Daniela and her team at Bespoke”, said Amir Tukulj, CEO of Thane Direct.  

Bespoke Marketing will be fully active from its Headquarters in Toronto as of January 2016. Working closely with an international network of suppliers, manufacturers and product owners, the company will take a boutique, tailored approach to the creation and distribution of every unique product.  



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