(2015) Global DR Group Is Booking Meetings for ERA D2C Convention

Looking for the NEW, NEXT BIG WINNER for 2016? Then you need to book a meeting with one of Global DR Group's sales team during the upcoming 2015 ERA D2C Convention, held at Wynn Las Vegas, October 6th-8th. Spaces are already fully booked, so we brought aboard additional sales reps to assist in making sure that everyone gets a meeting. During your meeting with owner / CEO Jose Hane, he will share insights into upcoming changes in DRTV worldwide. He will also provide a robust marketing analysis, to help your company identify opportunities well before your market's needs. Identifying these trends allows your company to stay ahead of the game. Jose Hane’s keen insights will bring you up-to-date on the market and what your company should be doing right now. Take action and get the edge now by meeting with us next month.

Global DR Group continues to lead the way in DRTV by launching the hottest innovative consumer products and breaking International sales records with products like (2013) LE-JEANS, a fusion between the comfort of leggings and the modern look of regular jeans and (2014) MISS BELT, a body shaper that provides an immediate hourglass figure.

Global DR Group is one of the world’s leading and most respected product development companies in the industry, with distribution in over 100 countries worldwide. Since 1996, Jose Hane (CEO) has discovered and developed hundreds of top selling, high quality consumer products inside the beauty, skincare, culinary and fitness categories. Global DR Group is transforming the Direct Response TV industry and has built a name for successfully marketing, award-winning products both here in the US and abroad. Get in on this great opportunity to meet with an industry leader and make a big change in your company's future.

Time is of the essence, so if you have not yet scheduled a meeting with one of our product specialist please email: sales@theglobaldrgroup.com, or call us today (305) 856-1700. Appointments are on a first come, first served basis so don’t wait until it’s too late, email us today!

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