(2015) i.Predictus Receives Patent For Process That Allows For New Standard of Accountability In Television Advertising

CEDAR KNOLLS, N.J. — i.Predictus, the leader in marketing and media automation for agencies and brands running large-scale campaigns, takes programmatic to the next level of measurement.  It just received a patent for its proprietary protocol that ascribes the real-time value of a television airing throughout its entire life cycle.  This breakthrough lets marketers hold every media plan to a standard never before possible.

Now, marketers can get the most up-to-date measure ever of an airing’s profitability.  Using a graphical interface, they can choose from one or more of the following variables: by station or network, day part, product, creative, or offer.  They can also access comparative views such as one or more networks in a specified time frame for one or more offers, or one or more creative units.  

“Total accountability is the new normal and understanding consumer reactions to creative, product, and price is ‘mission critical,’” said Monica C. Smith, founder and CEO of i.Predictus.  “Networks, rating conglomerates, media operating systems and DSPs now know that transparency is important, opening up the door to a whole slew of innovations in the near future and a number of additional patents on the way.” 


About i.Predictus

i.Predictus is a leader in the practical implementation of programmatic TV, offering advertising attribution modeling down to the individual airing level.  As a high-performance platform designed and tested with high media throughput, i.Predictus optimizes media schedules with a high degree of accuracy and consistency.  Using its patent-pending algorithm and patented protocal, i.Predictus is able to deliver large television advertisers continuous improvement in media ROI.


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Luna Newton



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