(2015) Media Analytics Partners with DRTV LAB to launch IMS Reports in Europe

Available in September, the reports will cover UK, France, Germany (incl. Austria and Switzerland)

Paris/West Chester – “Media Analytics extend its IMS report monitoring coverage to EU thanks to its partnership with DRTV LAB”, announces Jeff White, Media Analytics CEO. Since its establishment, Media Analytics has worked with countless companies, providing them with a variety of different business intelligence services. They offer marketing research and analytical software solutions. Their clients are from all over the industry, catering to consumer brands and marketers, advertising agencies, cable networks, amongst others. 

DRTV Lab has been set up in December 2014 to monitor European DRTV airtime. Created by 2 former TF1 executives with backgrounds in DRTV and technology innovation, DRTV Lab ambitions to propose market research and digital services to its customers. “DRTV LAB will bring its expertise about the DRTV European markets and will take benefit of the IMS brand image and of its proven Technology. When we will launch in September 2015, our customers will be able to monitor the media pressure of their shows on the most relevant channels in France, UK and GAS zone. Over time, our offer will evolve to encompass all the major European DRTV markets including also new services” commented Marie-Laure Barrau, DTRV Lab General Manager.

The partnership will offer extensive market data, analysis, and insights, helping customers monitor their operations as well as competition. The DRTV Lab-IMS report will help customers to optimize their ROI and detect business opportunities.

“Analytics about airings of shows are becoming critical to make the good decisions about launching new offers and media investment. It is also really helpful when it comes to negotiate with retailers.  I am looking forward to using the service resulting of the partnership between DRTV LAB and IMS reports” commented Mani Morshedzadeh, MediaShop Sales Director.


About Media Analytics:

MA offers marketing research, business, and analytical services to consumer brands and marketers, direct response industry, advertising agencies, media buying and planning agencies, broadcasters, cable networks, digital media, and other associate providers.

Contact Information John Acello - Phone: +1 (610) 745-5942 - E-mail: john@imsreport.com

About DRTV LAB: DRTV Lab provides data and business intelligence to direct response companies and retailers in EMEA, to help them optimize their operations and maximize their ROI.

Contact Information

Marie-Laure Barrau

Phone: +33 (0)6 66 25 37 63

E-mail : ml.barrau@drtvlab.com

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