(2015) Monica Eaton-Cardone Calls for Better Recognition of Women in eCommerce and Technology Start-Ups

Women are shaping the future of business by dominating on-line consumer channels and social media networks, leveraging eCommerce technology into lucrative businesses and breaking into the male-dominated start-up enterprises.  Why is this so secret?

(Tampa Bay, FL) — Gender diversity in business brings with it a wider range of perspectives, greater efficiencies and more “human-worthy” product designs. With the rise of cloud computing, mobile devices and powerful applications, the costs of starting a company have been greatly reduced and more women are finding a way to work around the male dominated Information Technology field to achieve major success in eCommerce.

According to Monica Eaton-Cardone (www.monicaec.com), Co-Founder and COO of Chargebacks911 and CIO of Global Risk Technologies, despite the fact that the tech industry is overwhelmingly male, women in business have broken out of the narrow advantage niche of “selling to a female audience” and are building companies across all sectors and areas, pitching a broader range of start-up ideas, getting their businesses off the ground without initial investor seed money, and influencing what goods are developed and sold.

Eaton-Cardone says this is remarkable, because “The ‘glass ceiling’ preventing women from taking on top technology posts also made it difficult for them to lead startups and achieve either a big acquisition or a large IPO – two things that are highly preferred by venture capitalists.”  

For example, while about half the small businesses in the U.S. are founded by women, in the tech industry women founders represent less than 7% of startups that get VC funding. Entrepreneurship is key to job creation, economic growth, and prosperity. Matching ventures to investors is crucial for success. The entrepreneur’s business proposition and previous experience are regarded as the main criteria for investment decisions. But a 2013 MIT survey identified “a profound and consistent gender gap in entrepreneur persuasiveness. Investors prefer pitches presented by male entrepreneurs compared with pitches made by female entrepreneurs, even when the content of the pitch is the same.” (1)

More women in the U.S. and foreign countries are starting their own e-commerce businesses through websites like Amazon, Alibaba, Etsy and personal websites. The number of U.S. based women using the Alibaba.com online marketplace increased by 72% between 2008 and 2011.  1.1 million Alibaba entrepreneurs in the U.S. are women, higher than any other country and they influence the way in which global sourcing opportunities are use to grow business. (2)

It still remains that although women are having considerable impact on eCommerce, they are still barely recognized leaders in the industry. In fact, only a couple have emerged as great representatives: Mindy Grossman, CEO of HSN and Lori Greiner, Inventor: retail products, Shark Tank, QVC. The reason may well be that the male-dominated business infrastructure currently in place (and characteristically conservative), is slow to understand that women in business represent far more of an opportunity than a risk. 

Monica Eaton-Cardone understands this, having to boot up an IT business in the financial sector on her own, expanding it to 350 employees worldwide. Monica feels the answer lies in businesswomen forming their own infrastructure linking businesses via forums, groups and committees designed to allow an exchange of achievements, skills, and ways to continue creating more opportunities for prosperous business ownerships. Women have proven to offer a unique business sensibility that has filled in production gaps, made full use of information technology and made what we buy from them more tangibly humanized. It is time they are heard.   

About Monica Eaton-Cardone: 

Monica Eaton-Cardone is an entrepreneur and business leader with expertise in technology, e-commerce, risk relativity and payment-processing solutions. She has co-founded a number of successful companies – including Chargebacks911.com, eConsumerServices.com and Global Risk Technologies – and currently fulfills executive management roles within each organization. Eaton-Cardone has earned a reputation for creative business solutions, helping merchants and banks to achieve sustainable payment-processing practices and supporting consumers in resolving transaction issues. She is a champion of women in IT, and hopes to contribute to an expanded presence of females in technical professions and leadership roles.  

About Global Risk Technologies, Chargebacks911 and eConsumerServices:

Global Risk Technologies is best known for its role in payment processing solutions that cater to each side of the value chain: Chargebacks911 and eConsumerServices. The firm is headquartered in Tampa Bay, Florida, with offices in Ireland and Atlanta. They have approximately 350 employees worldwide, and currently manage over 150MM in transactions each month, with clients located in the U.S. and Europe. 

Chargebacks911 focuses on chargeback mitigation and risk management for Internet merchants and acquiring banks, offering dispute response solutions and deep analytics. eConsumerServices caters to cardholders and consumers, providing an online mediation service that works to effectively and efficiently resolve transaction issues between merchants, consumers and banks. For more information, visit http://www.monicaec.com 

1 Investors Prefer Entrepreneurial Ventures Pitched by Attractive Men. PNAS, 20 Feb. 2014. Web. 03 Nov. 2015  pnas.org/content/111/12/4427


1 Bloomberg.com. Bloomberg, 21 Mar. 2012. Web. 03 Nov. 2015.





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