(2015) NPR Interviews Manatt Partner on FDA's Quest to Define Natural 

“What's 'Natural' Food? The Government Isn't Sure and Wants Your Input”

NEW YORK, N.Y.—Manatt's Ivan Wasserman, a partner in the firm's Advertising, Marketing and Media practice, spoke to NPR for a broadcast interview on the FDA's request for public input on how to define the term "natural" on food labels.

NPR reports that disagreement over the term has spawned dozens of lawsuits, with consumers challenging the naturalness of various food products. The FDA has received three citizen petitions asking for clarification. In response, it has asked the public to weigh in on the issue.

When asked if the process will lead to a new rule, such as a codified, legal definition, Wasserman responded:

“By requesting comments, the FDA is obligated to review them. So [the agency] has certainly taken on a big project in simply announcing this. But it has not announced that it's creating a new rule or definition.”

Read the interview here.

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