(2015) Thane Direct Sells over 30 Million Units of Slim ‘N Lift® Functional Fashion Line

Impressive Worldwide Sales of Slim ‘N Lift® Shape-Wear, Jeans, Lace Tops and Bras via Thane Direct’s

Unparalleled Channels of Direct Marketing and Retail

TORONTO (May 5, 2015) – Thane Direct has sold over 30 million units of the company’s Slim ‘N Lift® brand of functional fashion wear, it was announced by Daniela Todorovic, President of the company.

As a result of its sales prowess, Slim ‘N Lift® has risen to the top of the functional garment category, as the line continues to be a success in more than 100 countries worldwide.

Leading the Slim ‘N Lift® line in sales are the Aire™ Bra with over 8.6 million units sold and the body-shaping Slim ‘N Lift® Caresse™ Jeans reaching more than 2.1 million in sales. Now offering over 20 unique products under the Slim ‘N Lift® brand, Thane Direct continues to add even more SKU’s to the globally renowned line. 

Slim ‘N Lift® has emerged as the most trusted solution for quickly smoothing out unsightly bulges and getting figures back into their shapeliest.   Soft, lightweight and built for comfort, the Slim & Lift® line of functional fashion instantly makes women look 10-20 pounds thinner to enable wearing up to 2 dress sizes smaller, eliminating the look of cellulite and visible lines. 

The Slim ‘N Lift® line comprises a wide array of products – including bras, shape-wear jeans, and fashionable lace top – all designed to create a slim, flattering figure while maintaining comfort, quality and style.

“Having sold over 30 million units globally represents an exciting milestone for Thane’s Slim ‘N Lift® brand and underscores how the entire world is enjoying Slim ‘N Lift® products.   Launched over ten years ago, the Slim ‘N Lift ® brand consistently ranks amongst  direct response  and home shopping best-sellers and can also be found on the shelves of  the most popular global  mass retailers,” said Todorovic.

About Thane Direct: 

Headquartered in Toronto, Thane Direct is a global leader in the multi-channel direct marketing of consumer products in the fitness, health & beauty and housewares product categories. Thane Direct's distribution network spans the globe in well over 100 countries across the most prominent markets, as well as corporate subsidiaries, strategic partners and distributors. 


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