(2015) TV Shopping Laboratory’s Quirky Commercial For Thane Direct’s Flavorstone Cookware Goes Viral


TORONTO (February 6, 2015) – Japanese direct marketing leader TV Shopping Laboratory (Direct Teleshop) has generated a globally-viral hit video with Thane Direct’s record-setting cookware brand Flavorstone.  Direct Teleshop, which licensed Flavorstone Cookware from Thane Direct for the Japanese market, produced the quirky infomercial TV campaign that has thus far garnered over 1.6 million views on YouTube.

The 2:00 minute ‘short-form’ infomercial features 100 Japanese maids as they prepare morning pancake for the head of the house.  The pancake travels from the stove top to 100 Flavorstone pans held by the 100 maids until it finally arrives at the head of the household’s – head.  He takes it all in stride, muttering a simple “good job.”  Thane’s out-of-the-box (or out of the pan) TV spot is a good job, indeed!

To view TV Shopping Laboratory’s production of Thane Direct’s Flavorstone cookware, click here: 


Flavorstone – which has become one of Thane’s top-selling products – is advanced cookware for the 21st century.  Usable on gas, electric, ceramic and induction surfaces, Flavorstone cookware allows users to prepare great low-fat meals with maximum flavor –using little or no oil, butter or fat. The result is food that  tastes better, but is also better for you.  Its advanced Sapphire non-stick surface makes food preparation and cleaning a breeze—with that in mind, we turn your attention to Thane’s TV spot.  

“Flavorstone cookware has become a top-selling brand for TV Shopping Laboratory’s, and we are thrilled that people all over the world are entertained by the campaign,” said Paul Chang, Director of TV Shopping Laboratory’s International Division.  

About Thane Direct: 

Headquartered in Toronto, Thane Direct is a global leader in the multi-channel direct marketing of consumer products in the fitness, health & beauty and housewares product categories. Thane Direct's distribution network spans the globe in well over 100 countries across the world’s most prominent markets, as well as corporate subsidiaries, strategic partners and distributors. 


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