(2015) WindStar Media Kicks Off 2015 With A New Win!


WOODLAND HILLS, CA (January 12, 2015) — WindStar Media®, LLC has been awarded the Health First Nutrition, LLC account to launch the company’s EyeComplexCS Nutraceutical product. As Media Agency for EyeComplexCS, WindStar Media will be handling all media planning and buying responsibilities. The TVA Media Group is responsible for the creative and overall account stewardship for the brand.

The media campaign will launch the week of January 12th, 2015 utilizing a combination of 2 minute, 1 minute and 30 second commercials. This national advertising will be seen over cable and satellite television.

"We are all excited to be partnering with WindStar Media for this amazing Nutraceutical",said Jeffery Goddard, CEO for TVA Media Group. "They, along with their parent company, InterMedia Group of Companies®, have a great deal of expertise in this category and know the best media strategies and channels to effectively reach our target audience. Hank Cohen and his team have really been hands-on throughout the entire process and have given us great feedback during all phases of production. They are great to work with and we are confident that this will be a home run for all."

EyeComplexCS, conceived and developed by Dr Robert Abel and Dr. Randall Bellows, is being sold through Health First Nutrition, LLC, a company they both founded with the vision and mission of developing Nutraceuticals to help individuals achieve and sustain a healthier life.

"Dr. Bellows and I are excited to introduce EyeComplexCS, a complete eye vitamin to support healthy vision that can also serve as a multivitamin," said Dr. Robert Abel. "I have formulated vitamins for other companies, written numerous health books, lectured internationally on eyes, and am a former Clinical Professor of Ophthalmology. EyeComplexCS is the real deal!

My own mother is blind from retinal degeneration; her disease started before we had EyeComplexCS. As an ophthalmologist and eye surgeon, I take vitamins. What more needs to be said?

Being able to work with Hank Cohen and Windstar Media has been a godsend. They have walked us through every step of the way and helped two physicians navigate the world of e-commerce and a start-up business. We have a stand out product and needed a team that works at the same level. We are deeply appreciative."

By utilizing our collective years of Direct to Consumer and Nutraceutical experience coupled with the vast resources of the InterMedia Group of Companies we are able to provide the council, strategic insight and media implementation necessary to achieve maximum success. All this is done with a keen eye on understanding that this is their own money being invested... like WindStar Media, they are not a public company or venture owned.

For more information on WindStar Media®, LLC, contact Hank Cohen at hcohen@windstarmedia.com or 818.577.1523

About WindStar Media

WindStar Media, based in Los Angeles, is a full service omni channel media planning and buying company, providing media solutions for small to mid-size brands. We have the backing of the InterMedia Group of Companies which has been in business over 40 years with over $600MM in buying power. The company is comprised of multiple synergistic business units: InterMedia Advertising® (strategy, planning and research), InterMedia Time Buying Corp® (offline media execution), InterMedia Interactive® (online planning, buying and creative), Mediapoint Network® (performance-based advertising), InterImage Productions® (television and radio production), InterPost Productions® Editorial (post production and effects), InterQuantum®, LLC (retail brokering, marketing consulting), InfoTech Development™ (advertising and media metrics technology), InterMedia Entertainment® (celebrity and IP licensing deals) and CPM Networks™ (unwired networks of cable, broadcast TV, and radio media).

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