(2015) WindStar Media nabs Jim Fannin and his 90-Second Rule Program!


WOODLAND HILLS, CA (January 19, 2015) - WindStar Media®, LLC has been awarded the Jim Fannin Brands account to launch the company's Jim Fannin 90 Second Rule Program. As Media Agency for Jim Fannin 90 Second Rule, WindStar Media will be handling all media planning and buying responsibilities. The TVA Media Group is responsible for the creative and overall account stewardship for the brand. 

The media campaign will launch the week of January 19, 2015, utilizing a combination of 30 minute, 5 minute and 120 second commercials. This national advertising will be seen over cable and satellite television. 

"I coach and work with Champions," said Jim Fannin, "and that is why I am working with Hank Cohen and WindStar Media. They have helped us navigate unchartered waters in terms of a media campaign and provided the leadership, organization and communication skills needed." 

Jim Fannin, America's number one Life Coach and Coach of Champions, reveals the secrets behind his internationally acclaimed 90-Second Rule Program. 

This is Jim's proven system of simple, concrete 90-second, life-lifting techniques and tools - developed and refined over 35 years and with tens of thousands of successful clients. These 90-Second Rule techniques and tools are used every day by world champion athletes - men and women alike, Chairmen of Fortune 500 companies, and people just like you who want to restore balance, simplicity, and "in the zone" excellence to their lives. 

"Working with successful entrepreneurial companies and helping them achieve their business goals is my passion," says Hank Cohen. "I have built a marketing communications organization that provides the resources that allow our clients to compete, and win, at a cost structure that larger holding companies cannot provide. Jim Fannin is the ultimate champion and business leader and we are excited to put our resources in action to enable him to achieve his vision." 

For more information on WindStar Media®, LLC, contact Hank Cohen at hcohen@windstarmedia.com or 818.577.1523 

About WindStar Media 

WindStar Media, based in Los Angeles, is a full service omni channel media planning and buying company, providing media solutions for small to mid-size brands. We have the backing of the InterMedia Group of Companies which has been in business over 40 years with over $600MM in buying power. The company is comprised of multiple synergistic business units: InterMedia Advertising® (strategy, planning and research), InterMedia Time Buying Corp® (offline media execution), InterMedia Interactive® (online planning, buying and creative), Mediapoint Network® (performance-based advertising), InterImage Productions® (television and radio production), InterPost Productions® Editorial (post production and effects), InterQuantum®, LLC (retail brokering, marketing consulting), InfoTech Development™ (advertising and media metrics technology), InterMedia Entertainment® (celebrity and IP licensing deals) and CPM Networks® (unwired networks of cable, broadcast TV, and radio media).

About Jim Fannin Brands, Incorporated

Jim Fannin is the World's #1 Coach of Champions. As a mental performance coach to some of the world's top athletes and most successful company CEOs, he has been called the "Change Your Life" Coach. His thought management system has transformed tens of thousands of people's lives by teaching them to reduce and manage their thoughts - putting them in a "Zone" mindset. Jim has published multiple best-selling works including, S.C.O.R.E.® for Life and the internationally renowned 90-Second Rule™. He has created and delivered:


  • 400+ parent workshops on "Coaching Your Kids to Greatness"
  • 350+ student workshops on "Thinking Like a Champion"
  • 1000+ workshops on specific aspects of Life, Business, and Sports
  • 1000+ keynote addresses; performed before audiences of 7000+
  • International seminars for Worldview International Foundation on empowering the underprivileged


Jim has addressed hundreds of major corporations, including Mitsubishi Electric, Navistar, Merrill Lynch, General Electric, IBM, Apple Computer, Transamerica, Allstate Insurance, New York Life, Life Technologies, BMO Bank Group, Northern Trust Bank, Domino's Pizza, Carnation, Sports Illustrated, Blue Cross, Starwood Hotels, Silhouette Optical, Bertram Yacht, Miles Labs, Mercedes, Dominick's Finer Foods, Toyota, Honda and Chrysler; and non-profits Worldview International Foundation, UAW Ford, YEO, YPO, YMCA, PGA of America, Children's Memorial Hospital, Hugh O'Brien Foundation, Cancer Wellness House, and Boy's Clubs of America to name a few.


Visit www.jimfannin.com.

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