(2016) Avalanche Creative Services Announces the Creation of Direct Response Planet

New York, New York — Avalanche Creative Services announces the creation of a new closed Facebook Group, “Direct Response Planet” that encourages Direct Response TV & digital professionals to share experiences & knowledge with each other to better navigate today's ever evolving rich landscape. "It seems as though everyday there are new opportunities, challenges and decisions to be made with regard to technology, distribution, legal parameters and of course the financial implications,"  Said Ava Seavey, President of Avalanche Creative Services, "Each one of which can directly impact strategies, tactics, pricing, deliverability and of course ROI. By creating this group on Facebook, Direct Response Planet is designed to promote communication in an easily accessible and casual environment. Thus far, I'm very pleased as the community has been quite active, and seems to be off to a roaring start.”

Avalanche Creative Services is a recognized leader in the direct response advertising and infomercial production services niche. Direct Response Planet is another example of how Avalanche Creative Services strives to stay at the forefront of the direct response industry, championing solutions across multiple channels and platforms.

To learn more about Avalanche Creative Services visit http://avalanchecreative.tv/


Released by J. Simon

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