(2016) ERA Board Member Reveals One of His Secrets Helping Generate Over 20,000 New Leads Per Month.

SEATTLE, WASH. FEBRUARY 16, 2016, – Brandon Lewis, entrepreneur and ERA Board Member, announced today that the direct mail marketing expertise of his partner High Performance Direct Marketing (HPDM) has been one of his “secret weapons” in building two international corporations from the ground up.

Lewis gives HPDM credit for their part in helping keep a consistent lead flow of more than 20,000 new prospects per month to his call centers.

 “HPDM has been there with me and my teams for more than 15 years, handling well over 400 direct mail initiatives a year, working with my teams on a day-to-day basis, managing demanding deadlines, complicated logistics and difficult budgets,” Lewis said. “I believe they can help others in the ERA.” 

HPDM principals, Mike Hoback and Brent Duskin along with their legendary Chief Strategist, Bob Hacker, prove direct mail still pencils for a wide variety of marketers. HPDM’s research shows that 77 percent of marketers are mailing 3 million pieces annually and nearly 60 percent run three or more mail campaigns monthly.  Additionally, 79 percent of consumers will take immediate action with mail, compared to only 45 percent who say they deal with email straightaway, proving that mail is still a compelling medium. Mail is also highly attributable and creates scale for companies looking to engage their audience.

In an era driven by digital and social channels, HPDM demonstrates that direct mail remains an important component of today’s marketing strategies. HPDM and its Chief Strategist have completed more than 15,000 mail programs and has created hundreds of new controls. These proven direct mail strategies have generated more than $60 billion in customer sales.

HPDM has an exclusive secret weapon of its own.

HPDM’s Chief Strategist is Bob Hacker, a Harvard MBA and renowned founder and past owner of one of the world’s most successful DM agencies, The Hacker Group (Hacker Agency). For more than 30 years, Bob built hundreds of mail programs for blue chip clients, perfecting mail production processes and a multi-variable testing methodology for mailers needing multiple new mail controls fast. His client list included AT&T Wireless, Expedia, Microsoft, Hyatt Resorts, Starbucks, IBM, CHASE, Time Warner Cable, GE Long Term Care, Embassy Suites, Hewlett Packard, General Electric, Hilton Hotels & Resorts, Disney and many more. Bob’s legendary success is the framework that guides all of HPDM’s recommendations and work philosophy today. Since being asked by HPDM to help its clients, Bob has created more than 35 new mail controls in the last 36 months for companies such as Time Warner, Long-Term Care Insurance, Cable One, Physicians Mutual and others using his “ControlBeaterTM” process. 

Engaging with consumers today is complex and most companies understand that no single marketing channel can yield the necessary results on its own. According to the 2015 Direct Marketing Response Rate Report, 44 percent of companies surveyed use three or more channels, frequently citing email and social media as a back up to mail. Integration of multiple channels in a complementary fashion is the key to success.

How can you work with HPDM and Bob Hacker?

Before beginning any new assignment, HPDM follows a simple process that’s FREE! It’s a 3-step progression with Bob Hacker that includes a FREE Assessment, FREE Strategy and FREE implementation outline before any work begins. Contact Mike Hoback at his direct line (425) 749-9226 or email at: Mike@HighPerformanceDM.com to take advantage of this unique opportunity to work with a legend.



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Kirkland-based High Performance DM performs services as an agency without the normal fees or difficulties, has no outside investors and is 100% owner operated with nearly 30 years of experience and is a new member of the Electronic Retailing Association. HPDM runs a flat management team with the most senior executives and partners personally involved in every project. As a result we are confident that we enhance revenues, reduce cost and maximize profits for every project that we get involved with. HPDM has earned a reputation as an expert in building cost-effective direct mail programs in virtually every industry vertical. Current information including current case studies and more is available at HighPerformanceDM.com.

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