(2016) The fist responsive jamming card against Credit Card Skimming

Due to the new technology of NFC (Near Field Communication) Credit Cards are transmitting your financial data as soon as these are near the E(lectronic) Field of a payment terminal where you can pay wireless. This makes life more easy, but it also means that criminals with a skimmer can skim credit card data by just using as simple card reader or even a Smartphone with NFC holding it near your wallet or purse. With just your card number and expiry date you can start ordering at Amazon. No CVV necessary. The Efield Blocker looks like a credit cards but when it’s near an Efield it automatically responds by sending a jamming signal making your financial cards invisible. So placing one card in your wallet products up to 12 cards. This brand new technology is much more effective than current cards in the market which only have some aluminum foil in the middle. We can proof that these just don’t work. Please check out www.fidempecunia.com and contact us at rob@foodandfun.nl for more information.

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