(2016) Hawthorne Direct Expands Los Angeles and Midwest Office Locations

Hawthorne has expanded both its Los Angeles and Midwest office locations and designed them to offer a variety of open, collaborative and private office spaces. Hawthorne also has creative, interactive and fun office elements including foosball and ping pong tables that embody the Hawthorne culture of ‘work hard and have fun while doing it’. To view Hawthorne office videos visit Hawthorne’s Facebook page. 

Hawthorne CEO Jessica Hawthorne-Castro said, “Hawthorne has workspaces where people can have highly focused work and lots of open areas where creativity and innovation can thrive along with areas for quiet conversation and brainstorming. The office of the future is about giving workers both flexibility and agency.”

Hawthorne’s founding office in Fairfield, Iowa, has now moved to a location that provides access to trails for walking meetings, a in-house workout room, outside workspaces (including balconies and a gazebo overlooking a beautiful nature setting, with a pond) and unique spaces inside featuring a ping-pong table and VARIDESKS® (adjustable sit-stand desks). Hawthorne’s commitment to a positive work/life balance includes a focus on wellness by supporting and inspiring staff members with paths to a healthier lifestyle. 

Hawthorne’s wellness initiatives include; exercise opportunities during company gatherings, healthy food provided daily and during company events, workout facilities, presentations by wellness and preventive health experts and encouraging participation in and offering employee sponsorship towards Live Healthy IA events.  Hawthorne is a designated “Blue Zones®” worksite, which reflects its commitment to a work/life balance as well as a focus on wellness.  Proudly, Fairfield was named the 8th certified “Blue Zones Community®” and Hawthorne has been involved in our initiatives. Blue Zones is an organization, and the name refers to the discovery of areas where people reach age 100 at a rate 10 times greater than what is found in the U.S., overall. 

“The key is flexibility and that there is no one-size-fits-all workspace. An open plan works if employees have the ability to move around in different types of office environments as there are needs for different types of work. People need flexibility in their work environment and to be able to craft their work in ways that give them meaning and purpose. And of course, we like to make sure people are being productive but having a good time while doing it!” says Hawthorne-Castro. 

About Hawthorne:

Hawthorne is a creative, analytics and technology-driven advertising agency specializing in strategic planning, creative development, production, media planning, buying and analytics, and campaign management for integrated marketing campaigns. With nearly 30 years of proven excellence, the agency combines persuasive brand messaging with best-in-class analytic systems to create accountable, high performance advertising campaigns.

Hawthorne helps brands efficiently target their consumers, improve cost per acquisition, optimize the lifetime value of a brand’s customers, and even drive consumer response to key retail outlets or corporate locations. As a leading analytic and data driven, accountable brand advertising agency, Hawthorne specializes in integrated campaign solutions. The company offers a full suite of integrated solutions with creative, media, digital and mobile services. Hawthorne maintains brand integrity and metrics to efficiently and effectively optimize the results of its clients’ integrated media budgets via leading edge and proven data analytics.

Hawthorne has developed successful award-winning campaigns for countless Fortune 500 brands.

Please visit www.hawthornedirect.com and http://www.linkedin.com/company/hawthorne-direct for more information.

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