(2016) InvenTel Products LLC Hires Ted Sloan as CMO

InvenTel Products LLC, one of the leading Direct Response product marketing companies, is very pleased to announce the addition of Ted Sloan to their team as Chief Marketing Officer.

In this role, Sloan will be responsible for oversight of all marketing activities including Production, TV and Digital Media, Customer Service, Brand Management, Retail Sales Support and Public Relations as well as handling the Market Research done at InvenTel Products. The addition of Sloan will greatly assist InvenTel Products continue on the upward trajectory it has achieved.

“I believe that my passion for product and depth of marketing expertise combined with my over 30 years of experience on both the client and services side of the Direct Response industry puts me in a unique position to maximize our sales and profitability. This will assure that we meet both our short and long term revenue goals while bringing to market quality products that meet consumer needs.”

Previously, Sloan was the Chief Revenue Officer at DNA Response (Zahalo), a leading full service agency that manages sales and marketing for consumer brands on all retail marketplaces including Amazon, eBay and Walmart where he led both Client Services and Business Development.  Prior to that he was the Senior Vice President of Marketing and Business Development for Teleperformance Interactive, where he pioneered the use of Interactive Voice Response (IVR) for direct response television, building it from zero to 60% of the division’s revenue. He also worked as the Director of Q-Direct for nearly seven years, where he led QVC’s in-house DRTV marketing division and increased sales 500%.

“Ted is bringing to InvenTel Products an immeasurable amount of experience that will be integral in taking us to the next level as one of the leading product marketing companies,” said Yasir Abdul, CEO and President of Inventel Products. “We at InvenTel Products are looking forward to collaborating with him as we build one of the strongest teams in the industry.”

To learn more about InvenTel Products, visit www.inventel.tv

InvenTel Products has been a driving force in the DRTV industry since its inception. Building successful retail relationships is their specialty, and has been continuously strengthened throughout their long history, beginning with the introduction of the “As Seen On TV” retail outlets, continuing with the unrivaled success of their OEM brand, and culminating in the decision to bring their years of knowledge and experience leading to the creation of InvenTel Products.

InvenTel Products is a vertically integrated company, keeping a vast majority of their services ‘in house’ in order to directly control the quality of every aspect from product development to launch and rollout: product sourcing, commercial production and supervision, editing, graphic design, packaging, retail and online sales both domestically and internationally. Under their strict oversight, they only utilize the services of media agencies, customer service and fulfillment that are among the best in the business.  InvenTel Products chooses to be extremely selective in the products that they select, taking their time, and combined with their expertise, they fully develop the product, from good idea’ to retail placement. From housewares to hardware, exercise devices to electronics; beauty to pain relief, if a product is patented or simply prototyped, InvenTel Products can help turn a dream into a reality and get it right where one wants it—directly into the hands of the consumer.

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