(2017) Bespoke Marketing Brings New Shine to Cleaning with International DRTV Launch of the EyeVac Home Cleaning System

JPaulJones, LP, the developers of EyeVac - the powerful touchless home vacuum system - partner with Toronto based Bespoke Marketing to bring the EyeVac infomercial to international audiences.

EyeVac is a powerful stationary touchless vacuum system that offers user a quick and convenient way of keeping floors clean.  You simply sweep dirt to the EyeVac, enabling the sensor, with dirt disappearing into the vacuum.  The Cyclonic Vacuum function with HEPA filtration is responsible for not only clean floors but also clean air.  

Demonstrations of every day home use available here: https://eyevac.com/home-use/.

The EyeVac Home was so far available in the United States through Amazon, Zulily, Best Buy, Bed Bath & Beyond and other fine retailers and is a top rated, sellout product on QVC.  With a deep understanding of different markets and a successful track record in cleaning products, Bespoke Marketing is bringing this new-age cleaning system to global audiences through DRTV and home shopping.  “The EyeVac has a strong brand presence in the USA but Bespoke has helped us establish the product on not only QVC USA but has also opened key international markets for us.  We are very excited about this venture!” said JPaulJones CEO Terry Jones.

JPaulJones™, is an American company based in Austin, Texas focused on developing, manufacturing and distributing innovative and functional products around the world.  The company strives to identify needs of consumers and provide products to meet those needs.  

Bespoke Marketing, founded by Daniela Todorovic in 2015, is based in Toronto, Canada and works closely with international home shopping as well as DRTV leaders.  The company specializes in bringing innovative consumer goods to international audiences.


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