(2017) Bespoke Marketing Celebrates First Year by Launching the Upcart World-Wide

TORONTO – March 10, 2017 – Toronto based multi-channel marketer Bespoke Marketing celebrates first successful year in business with global launch of the all-terrain trolley UpCart™.  Designed by the US mobility innovator TriFold LLC, the UpCart™ is part of a new line of stair climbing, folding hand carts which aim to revolutionize and ease mobility for all.

Set up in January 2016, Bespoke Marketing works closely with product developers, manufacturers, live shopping and DRTV leaders to offer region-specific and tailored marketing & sales plan.

After winning the Retailer’s Choice Award at the National Hardware Show in Las Vegas and becoming an over-night hit on QVC US, the UpCart™ was ready for its international debut.  Recognizing the product’s ground-breaking potential, Bespoke Marketing and TriFold partnered to create a fast-paced, informative infomercial.  The product is now available through DRTV, live shopping and retail to customers in the UK, Germany, Austria, Japan, Taiwan, Italy, France and Holland, with several new territories launching over the next month.

“Bespoke Marketing understood our mission to not only raise awareness of the product in the US but to launch it internationally.  They helped us understand drastically different markets and applied a multi-channel sales strategy which proved to be very effective,” noted TriFold CEO Mike Reznik.

Rose Mann of Bespoke Marketing added, “Finding innovative products and solutions and bringing them to global audiences is at the core of our company’s mission.  We are effectively a one-stop-shop for all your omni-channel marketing needs, which is what our global launch of UpCart™ demonstrates”.

TriFold and Bespoke Marketing are working on several exciting additions to the UpCart™ line – more information on new launches and other Bespoke services can be found on the company’s website: http://www.bespokemarketing.ca/

Bespoke Marketing is a multi-level marketing company based in Toronto, Canada.  The company takes a boutique-style, comprehensive approach to every project.  Bespoke works closely with international DRTV companies, live shopping leaders, retailers and inventors to develop, manufacture and launch products across all available marketing and sales channels.

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Ines Popovic
Director of Relationship Marketing & Sales
+1 416 878 1892

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