(2017) Consumers Have Increasing Option To Cut Out Middleman, Thanks To ERA, Khubani (Forbes Interview)

ERA's 2016-17 Board Chair Poonam Khubani talks to Tom Popomaronis from Forbes.com about the direct-to-consumer industry, rapid changes that companies must face head on, and the channels they must master to stay ahead of the competition.

Excerpt from the article
Consumers Have Increasing Option To Cut Out Middleman, Thanks To ERA, Khubani

Considering the roughly 3.8 million retail establishments across the country, the brand-retailer-consumer relationship chain isn’t likely to break down any time soon. But selling goods through direct marketing, a form of advertising that bypasses retailers to let brands sell directly to consumers, is another option -- worth an estimated $350 billion globally. At the helm of the direct marketing ship is Poonam Khubani. The President of Telebrands International, Khubani is also the new chair of the Electronic Retailing Association (ERA), a nonprofit organization serving as a voice and resource hub of direct-to-consumer companies.

A changing marketing landscape
Traditional direct response marketing involved television, print and catalog strategies. Technology, however, has rapidly forced the entire industry to evolve. Now, it’s expected that companies leverage television infomercials, print, catalog, online videos, radio, email, texts and social media channels to connect.

The infamous “infomercial” has legs and, depending on the marketing channel, leads to significantly increased product visibility, wider adoption, and faster speed-to-market. As the direct response marketing landscape shifts, Khubani hopes the ERA can empower customers and improve satisfaction through a range of different initiatives.

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